Western Australian Cruising Guide

5th edition

December 2017

Now in its fifth edition, Fremantle Sailing Club's Western Australian Cruising Guide is regarded as the coastal cruising bible for WA, covering the coast from Darwin to Eucla, including the Christmas and Cocos Islands. This book is a definite "must have", especially for cruising the Kimberley, with over 600 pages, 220 chartlets and many interesting colour photos. The main source of information for this guide is feedback from the hundreds of sailors who have shared their knowledge of this largely unexplored part of the coast.

This new edition is a major revision of the previous edition published in 2014. It includes dozens of new diagrams and several hundred new items of information. The first part of the guide covers weather, tides, passage planning, communications, emergency services, marine animals and government departments. The second part contains specific pilotage information on many anchorages, showing suitable spots to anchor, dangers, the amount of protection, tidal information, places of interest, history of the area, and local contact details.

This will enable the guide to be read on almost any platform, including desktops (PC and Mac), laptops, tablets (ipad etc.), android phones and iphones.

The pdf file is about 112MB and the ePub file is about 150MB, so a reasonable internet connection is required for sensible download times. Once downloaded, you do not need an internet connection unless you want to use the live links in the document. Hardcopy versions will not be offered, but anyone can print out all or part of a copy if they wish.

To download your free copy of this invaluable resource:

The current edition is version 5.10. It will be updated at regular intervals so if you wish to be notified when a new version is available for download, send an email now to editorwacg@gmail.com

Anyone wishing to contribute further knowledge, whether by correcting errors or providing new information, is asked to email the editor at editorwacg@gmail.com

To go behind the scenes and find out how the guide has been prepared, download this document: click here to download How and Why doc>

Kim Klaka